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For those who work online on writing projects, the Free Online Word Counter ( could be extremely useful. As the name implies, it is a free online tool primarily having the word count function. But, wait, there�s more. This word count tool is not merely a word or character count tool. It has another count function that the freelance writers, especially those who work with SEO or Search Engine Optimization, need most. The Free Online Word Counter is a word density count tool too. Why it is useful when the integrated word count tool found in the word processors like Microsoft Word can provide more details? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Everyone, every time may not have an access to a word processor with this word count feature. Moreover, when it is needed to determine the keyword density in a given write-up, the Free Online Word Counter can be very handy. Its amazing ability to count words, characters, specific word appearances and word density is something you would like to use for your writing projects. The tool is very simple to use. All you need to do is to either type or place a text inside a text box and see the counting done above and at the right side of the box.

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